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Melody Gardner - Review from Facebook

Buying a car at IAS is truly a positive experience and completely unlike any you could ever hope to get at a "dealership". Instead of the "permanent adult supervision" type of test-drive common at a typical car lot, you are ENCOURAGED to take your time and drive the car to really get to know the vehicle to see if it is a good fit for your personality and your lifestyle. Having purchased 5 (yes, I said "five") vehicles through IAS thus far, each experience was fair and honest, and the owner, Dave Leggett, is one of the nicest human beings I have come to know. Your purchase doesn't end with the sale; the staff of IAS cares about you long after the car leaves their lot. I can honestly say that I'd never choose to go anywhere else besides IAS to purchase a vehicle OR (short of factory recalls), to have my vehicles serviced. The service staff is always ready to help, whether it is an issue to be resolved, or simply regular vehicle maintenance. Hands down, IAS is the best I've EVER dealt with throughout my 20 years of driving!

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